Personal Surf Shoot Info

So you want to put your self in the picture??

I am now taking bookings for 1 hour aerial surf shoots so you can have a piece of art with you or anyone you like as the feature of the image. Bring a group of mates or whoever you like and split the cost to make it more affordable.

We have also been trialing SECRET SURF SHOOTS, what the hell is that?

Picture this, its your partners or a friends birthday coming up, you and I work together to find out when and where they will be going for a surf, we go and shoot them surfing without them even knowing! Their birthday comes along and you give them a beautiful framed photo of a surfer and they think wow this is incredible.... hang on a minute THATS ME!!

If this is something that interests you please Contact Us

What does that involve?

Once you have made your booking we will organise a time and a beach, we meet there, have a quick chat about what sort of images you would like if you have a preference, you go for a surf or a paddle board & whip out your best moves & I will do the rest!

I then go home and meticulously sort and edit through the images to make them (and you) look their best.

I will then send you the high resolution and web sized images for you to keep and do whatever you like with them.


Things to know/ FAQ

Can I bring some friends?

Ummmm HELL YES!! I always encourage bringing friends as there tends to be a lot of waiting for waves or waiting for you to paddle back after a wave which equals wasted time in the air. Drone batteries tend to last just over 20mins (3 batteries per session) so with a group of friends its much easier to keep the shots firing as there will nearly always be someone on a wave.

And It's much more affordable if you are splitting the cost amongst several people. You can even Afterpay your session.

Whats the best time to book?

Great question me!.....pretending to be you...

Short answer- From Sunrise till about 10am for a morning session and 3:30pm-sunset for an afternoon session. The closer to the sun on the horizon the better.

Long Answer- Without a doubt the best time for your shoot will be sunrise or sunset. Anything close to midday will give very average results, basically when you look down on the ocean in the middle of the day you see a big bright reflection of the sun, and no body needs that in their life.

Mornings are magical on the Sunshine Coast, backlit waves, golden light, this is how you get great images. Completely overcast conditions are also very bland so we will keep a close eye on the weather report when selecting your shoot time.

What happens if the weather turns to 💩 or there's no surf?

Too easy lemon squeezy, we will rebook your session for another day providing I have at least 12 hours notice. 

Ummmm what if I suck at surfing?

It totally doesn't matter! Some of my favourite images are surfers just waiting for the next set in amazing light, or a single surfer in some super clear water showing the oceans vast expanse. Its a great way just to get some unique images to celebrate a friendship too.